Quarton Internationals Debt Advisory Group unterstützt einen texanischen Private Equity Investor bei der Refinanzierung von Integrated Advantage Group

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A Texas-Based Private Equity Group (the “Sponsor”) has raised financing to support its acquisition of Integrated Advantage Group, LP and future growth capital needs of the platform.

Quarton International’s Debt Advisory Group acted as the exclusive advisor to the Sponsor in arranging financing for the transaction.


Integrated Advantage Group, LP is a leading provider of patented and proprietary chemical formulations, products and turnkey services to E&P customers operating throughout all phases of oil and natural gas production. By utilizing a proprietary science-based formulation approach, hands-on dosing protocols and a diverse suite of value-added services, Integrated Advantage Group has engrained itself into the oilfield operations of blue-chip E&P names within the Permian Basin and beyond.

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Texanische Private-Equity-Gruppe


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