Cowen advises Synapticon GmbH on the Series C funding round



Cowen exclusively advised Synapticon GmbH („Synapticon“), provider of solutions for Integrated Motion, on the Series C funding round. This was opened in October 2021 by Stabilus’ investment in Synapticon and complemented by an investment from ICT Capital three months later. Existing investors are also joining in this round and, together with the new shareholders, are supporting the company’s steep growth trajectory. The funds made available as part of the capital increase, amounting to a double-digit million sum, will be invested in the further development of the product portfolio and operational growth.

Opened in October 2021, the latest round of financing saw Stabilus S.A., one of the world’s leading providers of motion control solutions, partner with Synapticon as an investor as an element of its digitalization strategy.

Dr. Michael Büchsner, CEO of Stabilus, about the reasons for the investment: “Digitalization is one of the clear growth drivers for our business. Our motion control solutions of the future will be smarter, offer a higher level of connectivity and interact with the environment via modern sensors. This will enormously broaden the range of applications in both the industrial and automotive sectors. The partnership with Synapticon will bring us a significant step closer to this goal.”

Dmitry Bovykin, Managing Partner of ICT Capital, agrees: “Synapticon is a very exciting and promising enabler of future-oriented robotics and manufacturing automation for us. The company’s international team has an immense amount of experience to show and is able to dramatically improve the performance of hardware in the field of robotics with new ideas and sophisticated software.“

Cowen acted in an advisory capacity throughout the process. Nikolai Ensslen, CEO of Synapticon, about the cooperation with the financial advisor: “Cowen impressed us with their ability to communicate to investors the value of a technology company that is difficult for non-experts to grasp. We also experienced very professional support during the process.”


Synapticon, headquartered in Schönaich near Stuttgart, Germany, with subsidiaries in Shanghai and Redwood City (Silicon Valley), develops and produces innovative software and hardware for sophisticated motion control in robotics and mechanical engineering.

The company miniaturizes high-performance drive technology and integrates formerly discrete components into highly compact electronic products for decentralized motion control. Synapticon’s technology leverages algorithms, powerful processors and power electronics, as well as easy-to-use intelligent tools, to achieve factors traditionally realized through mechanical value creation, such as quality, smoothness and precision. This digitalization at the point of motion allows a substantial increase in performance, cost reduction and reduces the development complexity for automation products.

Many of the most innovative manufacturers of robots, automation components and machines use Synapticon to realize better products faster and achieve their most ambitious goals with a reliable and energetic supportive partner.


Stabilus is one of the world’s leading providers of motion control solutions for customers across a broad spectrum of industries including mobility, health, recreation, furniture, energy, construction, industrial machinery and automation. With more than eight decades of demonstrated expertise, Stabilus offers reliable and innovative motion control solutions that enable, enhance and automate opening, closing, lifting, lowering and adjusting actions. The company’s customized damping and vibration isolation technology protects against shocks, vibrations and noise.

Employing a workforce of more than six thousand worldwide, the company has its operational headquarters in Koblenz, Germany. In the 2020 fiscal year, Stabilus has reported revenues of EUR 822.1 million. Stabilus has a global production network encompassing plants in eleven countries. Additionally, the Group maintains regional offices and relations to sales partners in over fifty countries in Europe, North and South America, as well as in Asia-Pacific. Stabilus S.A. is listed in the Prime Standard segment of the Frankfurt Stock Exchange and included in the SDAX index.

ICT Capital is a $400 million VC fund that invests in mobility, food technology, construction and smart cities, clean technology and industrial automation, with a focus on deep tech companies.


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