Unify Group successfully carves out and sells Leesys to German investor group

Tombstone unify Leesys Transaction 2014


BlueCF was exclusively mandated to support Unify GmbH & Co. KG (Unify) in a complex carve-out and sale of Leesys – Leipzig Electronic Systems GmbH (Leesys) to a German investor group.
Leesys is the second largest electronic manufacturing service (EMS) provider in Germany. The parties agreed to maintain confidentiality on the terms and conditions of the transaction.
The successful closing of the transaction underlines BlueCF’s proven ability to execute complex carve-outs from group structures while ensuring high process efficiency and discretion.

Main objectives:
Structuring and implementing a competitive bidding  process to maximize value
Finding an investment partner with the resources and ambition to develop Leesys into an independent and profitably growing EMS provider
Guarantee the future manufacturing supply from Leesys for Unify’s communications hardware
A safe future for the company’s employees


Leesys is the second largest provider of Electronic Manufacturing Services (EMS) in Germany. The company manufactures and tests electronic products in a modern production plant in Leipzig. 430 employees work on a production area of 17,000 square meters in a flexible shift system for customers predominantly from the automotive, telecommunication, medical, industrial automation and consumer electronics industry.





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Customer Statements

We would like to thank BlueCF for its comprehensive advice and professional services during the sale process. We are very happy with the outcome of the transaction and look forward to working with Leesys as a manufacturing partner going forward.
Ray C.A. Leclercq
Chief Financial Officer Unify Group
BlueCF showed a clear understanding of all transaction issues and were highly committed to the interests of the Unify Group as well to those of Leesys. We see strong opportunities for Leesys to benefit from the new shareholders and good prospects to develop Leesys to the leading EMS-provider in Germany.
Jörg Friedrich
Geschäftsführer Leesys

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