Quarton International acts as exclusive advisor of eifeler Holding in its acquisition of a minority stake in Medicoat AG

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eifeler Holding GmbH & Co. KG, one of the global leaders in the field of medical coatings, acquires a minority stake in Medicoat AG, a leading European company for thermal spray coatings of medical implants.

Quarton International acted as the exclusive investment banking advisor to eifeler in connection with the transaction.

With this move, eifeler not only further increases its strong expertise in medical coating technologies, but also enhances it with the development and manufacturing of complete coating systems and consumables for thermal spraying. This transaction is another step towards the consolidation of the European medical contract manufacturing industry and underlines Quarton International’s leading position in medical technology M&A transactions.


eifeler Holding has been active since more than 30 years in the fast-growing market of high-tech coatings and ranks worldwide among the leaders within the coating market. After the divestment of their tool-coating facilities in 2013, the company today concentrates on the development and application of innovative coating systems for various industrial applications, in particular for medical technology, with in-house research and development laboratories and coating facilities with highly qualified engineers, physicists and chemists.


Medicoat AG, established in 1989, is a Swiss-based innovative company in the thermal spray industry. It offers complete coating systems including spray powders and develops spray coatings for medical and other industrial applications. Medicoat is specialized in atmospheric and vacuum plasma spraying (APS, VPS) for coatings of medical implants in very pure titanium and hydroxyapatite with adapted crystallinity. In addition, the company serves a whole number of international OEMs of the orthopedic industry as a contract manufacturer with the coating of implants. Apart from its headquarters in Mägenwil (Switzerland), Medicoat operates facilities in Wohlen (Switzerland), Hunzenschwil (Switzerland) and Etupes (France).




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+49 89 2000 393 0

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