Grünwald Equity invests in Deutsche Energieversorgung GmbH

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Quarton International exclusively advised Deutsche Energieversorgung GmbH (“DEV”) and its shareholders on the successful identification of a growth capital investor. DEV is one of the leading companies in a highly dynamic market for decentralized energy storage systems. With the capital increase, DEV has received the necessary funds to strengthen its corporate growth and to invest in new markets.

Grünwald Equity has a long-term and entrepreneurial approach as well as extensive operational experience in the energy sector, forming an ideal partnership to ensure the further successful growth of the company.

Mathias Hammer, Managing Partner, DEV: “Quarton’s professionalism enabled the team to carry out this successful transaction very effectively. Despite their routine in executing transactions, they never ceased to take individual requirements into account. I would like to thank Quarton most sincerely for their contribution.”

Thomas Trauttmansdorff, Managing Partner, Grünwald Equity: “From the start, Quarton International showed a very structured approach and organized the transaction process very well. The team did an excellent job in compiling and preparing the necessary data and documents for the transaction.”

All parties have agreed to keep further transaction details confidential.


Since 2009, Deutsche Energieversorgung GmbH (DEV), headquartered in Leipzig, has been developing and producing smart energy storage systems under the trademark SENEC. DEV has grown to become a leading storage supplier in the German energy market with a strong focus on sales. By connecting several storage systems within a virtual energy platform (Econamic Grid), SENEC established the basis to provide storage customers with smart electricity products and make them independent from classical utilities.


Grünwald Equity invests in leading mid-market companies in the German-speaking region without a special industry focus in the areas of production, retail and services for private and institutional investors . The long-term success of the company is the most important factor for Grünwald Equity. The team has extensive experience and an outstanding track record of acquisitions, operational support and management of mid-market companies.


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