Quarton Partners advises Cyclone Steel in its sale to Freestone Partners

Tombstone Cyclone Freestone Transaction 2012 en


Cyclone Steel Services, Inc. was acquired by Freestone Partners and ORIX Corporate Capital. Quarton Partners acted as the exclusive financial advisor to Cyclone Steel.


Cyclone Steel Services, based in Houston, Texas, specializes in precision cutting and value-added processing of steel plate for critical applications in the petrochemical and oil and gas industries. Cyclone provides full-service solutions, including oxy-fuel, plasma or high definition plasma cutting technologies and several value-added secondary processes.


Freestone Partners is a private equity firm located in Houston, Texas. Freestone principally targets companies in manufacturing, distribution, and commercial and industrial services. The firm’s geographic focus for platform investments is the southwestern and southeastern United States. ORIX Corporate Capital invests in public and private companies through a variety of debt and equity instruments. ORIX Corporate Capital is a subsidiary of ORIX USA, and ORIX USA is a Dallas, Texas-based financial services and investment firm. ORIX USA is a wholly owned subsidiary of ORIX Corporation (NYSE:IX), a Tokyo-based, publicly owned international financial conglomerate.


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