Quarton, A Cowen Company advises CMC Capital Management & Consulting AG on the sale of PS-Markt GmbH to a group of private Austrian investors

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Quarton, A Cowen Company advises CMC Capital Management & Consulting AG (“CMC”), a private Swiss investment company, on the sale of PS-Markt GmbH, parent company of the Forstinger Group (“Forstinger”), to a group of private Austrian investors.

The Forstinger Group, Austria’s leading supplier of car accessories, spare parts, mopeds, bicycles, trailers, tyres and rims for 57 years, which has been in economic difficulties in the past, is thus laying the foundation for further development following the successful completion of its renovation process. The investor group around Ing. Walter Karger want to make the product range even more innovative and attractive, further promote the service sector and exploit the opportunities offered by digitisation.


CMC is a Swiss private equity firm which acquired the Forstinger Group in 2015.


Forstinger is Austria’s largest retailer of automotive accessories, two-wheelers and two-wheeler accessories. In 88 branches, Forstinger offers first-class products and services around mobility at fair prices. Connected to the branch network, Forstinger also operates 86 independent car workshops. In the 2017/2018 financial year, around 700 employees generated sales of EUR 103 million. More than 3.5 million customers place their trust in Forstinger every year.


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