Quarton Partners advises Clarus Glassboards in an equity recapitalization with Bertram Capital.

Tombstone Clarus Bertram Transaction 2015


Clarus Glassboards has completed an equity recapitalization with Bertram Capital. Quarton Partners acted as the exclusive financial advisor to Clarus Glassboards in this transaction.


Clarus is the leading designer and manufacturer of branded glassboards, mobile glassboards, healthboards, architectural glass systems and furniture glass to the commercial, education, healthcare, hospitality, entertainment and government end markets. Leveraging its core competencies in design and product development, as well as its vertically integrated manufacturing capabilities, Clarus delivers solutions that are aligned with market trends and tailors its product offering across a number of custom features, including size, style, finish, shape, color, pattern and logo. End users of Clarus products include distinguished companies and institutions such as Apple, Google, PepsiCo, JPMorgan, Tesla and Harvard University. In addition to increasing adoption of glassboards over traditional whiteboards, Clarus has benefited as businesses are increasingly shifting towards more collaborative and open work environments.  The contemporary, sophisticated look of Clarus glassboards is viewed by many customers as an important feature in recruiting and retaining top talent, while improving culture, collaboration and knowledge sharing in the workplace.


Bertram Capital is headquartered in San Mateo, California. With over $850 million in capital under management, Bertram Capital is a private equity firm targeting investments in lower middle market companies. By supplying flexible investment capital and committing a wealth of operational and strategic resources to each investment, we make it our core objective to move companies, management teams, and employees toward unlocking their full potential.


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Eric J.
Van Dam

Managing Director
Mergers & Acquisitions

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Robert S.

Managing Director and Head
Mergers & Acquisitions

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Customer Statements

Wir sind stolz darauf, dass wir Quarton mit der wichtigsten beruflichen Entscheidung betraut haben, die wir je treffen werden. Sie haben unsere Vision für die Zukunft wirklich verstanden und eine erstklassige Lösung geliefert, die unsere Erwartungen übertraf. Wir könnten nicht besser über ihre Integrität und ihr Engagement in unserem Namen sprechen.
Jeremy Rincon and Robby Whites
Mitbegründer, Clarus Glassboards

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