Quarton, A Cowen Company advises the Brückner Group on the sale of PackSys Global (Thailand) Limited to Benpac Holding AG

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Quarton, A Cowen Company (“Quarton”) exclusively advised the German parent Brückner Group GmbH (“Brückner Group”) and their Swiss group company PackSys Global AG (“PackSys Global”), a global leader in packaging machinery, on the sale of its subsidiary PackSys Global (Thailand) Limited to Benpac Holding AG (“Benpac”), Switzerland.

PackSys Global (Thailand), which will be renamed Benpac Packaging Limited, manufactures lines to make monobloc aluminum aerosol cans and aluminum tubes as well as printing machines for metal and plastic closures.

Following a strategic review, PackSys Global and the Brückner Group decided to focus on PackSys Global’s core competence in the plastic packaging business. PackSys Global will continue to be involved in the aerosol and aluminum tube industry via its Swiss subsidiary, Texa AG, the world market leader in packing machines for unfilled aluminum aerosol cans, aluminum, plastic and laminate tubes and cartridges.

Benpac sees a growth potential in aluminum related packaging businesses and wants to use their new location as a hub for future expansion of their group in Asia.


The Brückner Group has been family-owned since it was founded in 1960. The group has roughly 2,600 employees worldwide and is controlled by Brückner Group GmbH, the strategic management holding and parent company. The individual group companies, each of them market and technological leader in their respective fields of business, are Brückner Maschinenbau, Brückner Servtec, Kiefel and PackSys Global. PackSys Global has been part of the Brückner Group since 2011 and is a global leader in the field of packaging machines. The company has over 40 years’ experience and expertise in integrating Swiss leading-edge technology and mechanical precision. PackSys Global develops and builds complex systems for producing plastic and metal tubes, aluminum spray cans and plastic closures. For more information: www.brueckner.com


The Nidwalden, Switzerland-based Benpac Holding AG is active in the fields of high-precision and high-performance filling machines, cappers, labeling solutions, plastic injection molding technology and paper-based packing technology. Benpac is an international group of companies focusing on Europe, North and South America. For more information: www.benpac.ch


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