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Cowen has successfully advised companies and investors of hundreds of transactions across a wide variety of industry sectors, on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean, and around the world.

These entrepreneurs and professionals have entrusted us with their most important financial matters.
It is our honor to have such a strong record of achievement, because the truest measure of our success is the value we create for our clients.

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Tombsteone GT Advanced Onsemi 2021
Tombstone Immunomedics Gilead EN
Tombstone hg medical nordholding en
Tombstone Clever leaves Schultze Transaction 2020 en
Tombstone Gilead Tizona Transaction 2020 en
Tombstone GoTo Mobility Financing 2020 en
Tombstone Medicrea Medtronic Transaction 2020 en
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Tombstone Fisker Spartan Transaction 2020 en
Tombstone Black Dragon Grass Valley Transaction 2020 en
Tombstone Transaction MedAvail Myos 2020 en
Transaktion CTSI WindPoint Transaction 2020 en
Transaktion Invitae Archer Transaction 2020 en
Tombstone Zipline ProfData Transaction 2020 en
Tombstones Glebar Arcline Transaction 2020 eng
Tombstone Netalytics Prairie Recap 2020 en
Tombstone Gilead Arcus Partnership 2020 en
Tombstone Aurora Reliva Transaction 2020 en
Tomstone Empyr Augeo Transaction 2020 en
Tombstone Vicis VPG Transaction 2020 en
Tombstone Healthfood Alphapet Transaktion 2020 eng
Tombstone Ecofarmacia Phoenix Transaction 2020 eng
Tombstone CHG MainStreetCapital Recap 2020 en
Tombstone Ewerk Nordholding Transaction 2020 en
Tombstone Kunlun SanVicente Transaction 2020 en
Tombstone Lollo_pops Transaction 2020 en
Tombstone VectoIQ Nikola Transaction 2020 en
Tombstone BE Novum Bauder transaction 2020 en
Tombstone Shaw Monomoy Transaction 2020 en
Tombstone IOP Polyvision Transaktion Cowen 2020 en
Tombstone Adesto Dialog Transaction 2020 en
Tombstone OneInc GHP Transaction 2020 en
Tombstone Kuebix Trimble Transaction 2020 en
Tombstone Akerna Ample Transaction 019 en
Tombstone Bregal EA Transaction 2019 en
Tombstone LC Materials SRM Transaction 2019 en
Tombstone Monocle AerSale Transaction 2019 en
Tombstones IK Invest Ondal Transaction 2019 en
Tombstone Alline Regis Transaction 2019 en
Tombstone BoldRock Artisanal Transaction 2019 en
Tombstone Hipp Barnhouse Transaction 2019 en
Tombstone Worthington Crenlo Transaction 2019 en
Tombstone Triad Shorehill Transaction 2019 en
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Tombstone Dialog Creative Transaction 2019 en
Tombstone Solostove Bertram Transaction 2019 en
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Tombstone IRI Transaction 2019 en
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Tombstone Intermolecular Merck Transaction 2019 en
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Tombstone Fecon 2018 Transaktion englisch
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