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Our Definition of the Energy & Chemicals sector

Energy & chemicals represent the earliest stages of the industrial value-chains and form basis for many processing industries. Both sectors are characterized by high capital intensity, economies of scale and an increasingly small-scaled and decentralized structure. We support our clients throughout the entire value chain of both sectors, above all in terms of infrastructure, production, trade and distribution.

We focus especially on the so-called Energiewende, where both sectors connect each other. Renewable energies and efficient storage technologies like Li-Ion Batteries drive new businesses models of many young enterprises.

Our experience in Energy & Chemicals

Our partners at Cowen have a widespread operational experience in the energy & chemical industry, as well as transactional experience with young companies, which seek to disrupt the energy sector with new business models.

Moreover, one partner was responsible for the business development and grid infrastructure of Europe’s largest energy supplier, managing the company’s shift to renewable energies. Additionally, he has gained profound experiences in corporate transactions during the transition of a basic chemicals company into a company focused on specialty chemicals.

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