Cowen’s 25th Annual Therapeutics & MedTools Conference

Please join us for the 25th Annual Therapeutics & MedTools Conference taking place on October 11-12, 2022, at the Boston Marriott Copley Place in Boston, MA. This conference will be dual-track combining our traditional Therapeutics and MedTools Conferences into one two-day event. This will allow a deeper dive into the complementary and synergistic aspects shared across the therapeutics, medical technology and diagnostics landscape, which form the continuum of care today.

Therapeutics focus areas:
– Key trends and developments within the $600billion global biopharma market, with prominent physicians and other experts providing perspectives.
– This is an ideal forum for objective, first-hand views on both marketed and emerging therapeutics, including comparison of clinical expert and payor views.
– Cowen analysts will provide data-rich content slides to drive deeper discussion and insight, further supplemented by audience questions.

MedTools focus areas:
– Market outlook for emerging specialty tools (AI/ML-driven platforms, proteomics, single-cell, spatial biology, & synthetic biology), medical devices (diabetes, renal denervation, structural heart), next gen sequencing, and diagnostics (MRD monitoring, non-invasive screening). Exploration of competitive environment and recent demand trends in key research, biopharma, and clinical end-markets.
– State of public and private funding for high-growth Tools & Diagnostics companies, including the potential for M&A, partnerships to leverage established commercial channels, and cross-industry collaboration.

Digital Therapeutics focus areas:
– Prescription digital therapeutics.

Washington Research Group focus areas:
– The impact of political, regulatory and reimbursement factors including a specific focus on the reimbursement, policy, and legislation governing potential success for emerging diagnostic applications (MRD monitoring and non-invasive screening).
– The upcoming midterm election in the US.

Hosted by Cowen Equity Research Analysts.

If you are interested to join, please contact our sector experts Dierk Beyer and Tobias Levedag.